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Do You Have a Cleaning Schedule for Your Cubicle Walls?

Cubicles offer a simple, efficient way to maximize work space, creating a semi-private workstation and accommodating more workers than banks of traditional offices. Unlike painted office walls, cubicle walls simply can’t be wiped down with a wet rag for cleaning. The...

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Tips for Keeping Your Property Clean During the Winter

Snow may be white and beautiful, but we all know it can create quite the mess. No matter what, slush on the ground and wet weather conditions significantly increase the amount of moisture that is accidentally brought indoors, which inevitably affects your building’s...

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It Isn’t Always True That “You Get What You Pay For”

Some cleaning companies will price low in an attempt to win your business, only to quickly realize that such rock bottom pricing is simply unsustainable. However getting a good deal on your janitorial, cleaning and maintenance services is critical. The right company...

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Maintenance for Your Planting Bed

Attractive and neatly organized planting beds don't happen by accident. It takes planning and regular maintenance to keep them looking that way. Watering Most plants depend on even moisture. However, slight drying out before watering promotes root growth of the...

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Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Using Dirty Rags?

As Facility Managers, we contract with commercial cleaning services to make our spaces cleaner not dirtier. If your commercial office cleaning company isn’t utilizing best practices like a color coded cleaning cloth system. They are putting you, your facility and your...

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Get the Real Dirt on Commercial Restroom Cleaning

What You Smell, What You See, & What You Don’t See True professional commercial cleaning service suppliers know that real clean and smart clean is also about what you cannot see. Bacteria that are invisible to the eye can transmit disease and cause odors that...

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Dusting the Correct Way

We’re not going to lie. Dust is made of some pretty gross stuff. It mainly consists of skin cells (both from you and your beloved Fluffy), hairs, fibers, plant pollen, dust mites, dust mite feces and other environmental materials. Believe it or not – our homes are...

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Using Smart Cleaning for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

Facilities Management is a diverse field that asks a lot of those who work in it. The professional, interpersonal, and even emotional demands that facility managers face every day are significant, and they can seem to come from all directions. In today’s economic...

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Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Leaf Removal

Now is the time for the removal of leaves from your commercial property. Autumn is here and as the beautiful fall colors of autumn foliage begins to fall, it is time to begin the process of removing leaves from your property. Some wonder if there is actually a...

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