The hospitality industry places new emphasis on both ambiance and service, visual delight as well as comfort. Beautiful landscapes that are calming and inviting have moved far beyond stately trees and a manicured lawn. Distinctive landscape features should be viewed as essential components for a luxury complex, and bonus amenities at even the smallest boutique establishment. What does this mean for their hotel landscape maintenance crews? Here is a look…

Guests Expect Perfection

So, you must focus on landscape details. Perfect flower beds and groomed lawns are a must. The landscaping crews must always be focused on the smallest detail. No weeds, please.

More Frequent Maintenance Visits

Hotel properties typically consist of luxurious landscapes full of grass, trees, and flowers. These landscaping elements must be properly maintained by a professional landscaping service. Landscaping experts have the knowledge required to keep trees and plants beautiful and healthy throughout the year. Normally a landscaping crew is on-site at commercial buildings every 7 to 10 days. But a good hotel landscaping maintenance crew will be on-site two to three times a week to water flower planters, neaten up the flower beds, and make sure every aspect of the grounds is pristine.

Flower Beds

Typical commercial buildings have two plant rotations a year – once in the spring and again in the fall. A hotel property will have four to five plant rotations a year. Changes inside and out will be decorated for the seasons and the holidays and sometimes for hotels that have weddings, the landscape crews may be called in for the special event.

Rush Job For A Special Event

Special hotel guests and events often require emergency touch-ups. A special hotel guest may book a last-minute party. A hotel landscape maintenance company may have to design extra flower and landscaping displays on a quick schedule.

Never Start Noisy Equipment Before 9:00am

Hotel guests do not appreciate being jarred awake by noise early in the morning. This is usually a good time for running mowers and other noisy equipment in most commercial buildings, but not hotels or resorts. The maintenance crew can arrive early and do quiet work like weed pulling, raking, and watering, but no mowers or leaf blowers.


Frequent communication between the landscaping company and the hotel property manager is a must. The manager expects every detail attended to. This does not happen without complete detailed communication. Onsite visits and daily conversations ensure every detail is efficiently and professionally handled.

Professional Appearance

There is a big misconception that construction workers are invisible and that everyone expects them to be gritty and grimy. That is far from the truth. Your construction crew represents your brand and is the face of your quality work on a daily basis, especially in the hotel maintenance crew. This is the same with your equipment. Hotel guests do not want to see a rusty truck loaded with lawn and garden equipment.

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