What about the Walls? We know the basics: you have to clean the floors, windows, furniture, restrooms, break rooms and fixtures. You did not think about the walls did you?? Walls have a texture and this texture grabs and holds dirt. This dirt and grime makes your walls look dingy over time. Cleaning the walls at least once each year, or more frequently if your company experiences a high level of buildup is recommended.

A few reasons you should ask your janitorial service to give some attention to your walls at least once a year…

Appearance of your Facility

When you walk into a building the first things you see are the front door, the condition of the lobby and the walls. If your walls are dirty they will detract from everything that is right about this first impression.

Improve the Sanitation in Your Facility

Not only will wall cleaning reduce your need for maintenance, but it can improve the health and sanitation in your facility significantly as well. Fatty and amino acids from body oils and environmental pollutants such as smoke permeate indoor air. These oils and pollutants act like magnets, collecting microscopic particles of soil, dust, bacteria, fungi and dead microorganisms. Over time, this distasteful mélange builds up on the walls as a sticky film. This coating, impervious to normal cleaning efforts, accelerates the soiling process and makes your walls dingy and unhealthy. It also affects the paint, requiring more frequent wall repair and resurfacing.

Keep Your Facility Bright

Wall washing will also help keep your facility bright, thus cutting down on the electricity usage for lights and will also keep the atmosphere lively as well. Unwashed walls will dull over time, thus reducing the amount of light it reflects.

Maintain the Life Expectancy of the Paint

Inefficiently cleaned walls will degrade quicker and the stain build up will be hard to clean in the long run. The best way to keep this from happening is to clean the walls regularly and properly. Regular wall cleaning will also reduce the formal wall maintenance as well. It will help detect any cracks and discrepancies, thus allowing you to fix it before it becomes a major issue. By removing all that dirt, dust and grime, you help maintain the integrity of the paint. You will not have to repaint as often.

See If Your Walls Are Clean With This Quick Test

Rub a damp paper towel across wall sections up high and near the floor. Visible dirt on the paper towel is a sure sign that it’s time to clean the walls. Using special equipment and gentle cleansers, a qualified janitorial service can improve the look of your walls, the quality of the air, and the life expectancy of your walls.

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Why First Green Cleaning Services?

  • Customized Cleaning Plans – What sets First Green Building Services apart is our attention to detail. We understand that different businesses have different needs. For years, First Green Building Services has been providing janitorial services for educational facilities, schools, and colleges. Over the years we have provided K-12 Public School Cleaning,  K-12 Private School Cleaning, Technical School Cleaning, and College Cleaning
  • Owned and Operated Locally – With direct owner involvement, we provide immediate response time to any situation you might incur. Even after business hours, First Green Building Services has a 24-hour customer service number to resolve any cleaning issue.
  • Quality Control – First Green Building Services has a low cleaner to supervisor ratio which allows us to make sure your facility gets the attention and detailed cleaning that it deserves.

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