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Commercial Cleaning Services

First Green Commercial Cleaning provides superior customer service and strives to build long term business relationships with our clients. We do this in three ways…

Customized Cleaning Plans

What sets First Green Commercial Cleaning apart is our attention to detail. We understand that different businesses have different needs. First Green provides janitorial services for banks, multi-tenant offices, industrial facilities, medical office cleaning, government buildings, schools and more.

Owned and Operated Locally

With direct owner involvement, we provide immediate response time to any situation you might incur. Even after business hours, First Green Building Services has a 24-hour customer service number to resolve any cleaning issue.

Quality Control

First Green has a low cleaner to supervisor ratio which allows us to make sure your facility gets the attention and detailed cleaning that it deserves.

We conduct….

  • Onsite inspections by experienced supervisors
  • Cloud based time management
  • Periodic meetings with our clients

Featured Cleaning Services

First Green Commercial Cleaning provides personalized service, top quality professionalism, and affordable rates for all of your commercial cleaning needs in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky.

Contact us (859-292‐8556) today for a free consultation!

News & Tips

Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Using Dirty Rags?

Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Using Dirty Rags?

As Facility Managers, we contract with commercial cleaning services to make our spaces cleaner not dirtier. If your commercial office cleaning company isn’t utilizing best practices like a color coded cleaning cloth system. They are putting you, your facility and your...

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Get the Real Dirt on Commercial Restroom Cleaning…

Get the Real Dirt on Commercial Restroom Cleaning…

What You Smell, What You See, & What You Don’t See True professional commercial cleaning service suppliers know that real clean and smart clean is also about what you cannot see. Bacteria that are invisible to the eye can transmit disease and cause odors that...

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