Lawn grubs or white grubs are insidious pests that eat grassroots and organic matter in the soil. They are a small type of larval creature or immature type of beetle. If their activity goes undetected and untreated, sections of grass will be damaged, causing dead patches to appear on lawns. How can they do damage to your lawn?

The Problem With Grubs

Over time, grubs can cause the grass to turn brown and detach from the soil completely as they destroy the roots holding the grass in place, allowing sections of the lawn to be rolled up like a loose carpet. Grubs are common, and many types of grass are at risk of the damage they cause. The healthier your grass is, the more likely it is to rebound even after a moderate infestation of grubs.

Signs That Grubs Are Attacking Your Grass

Signs your grass is struggling with too many grubs include the following:

  • Are there moths or beetles flying around at grass level?
  • The turf seems to be thinning in patches throughout the yard.
  • If you tug on the grass, it easily pulls out of the dirt.
  • Are animals hanging out and feeding in your grass?
  • Does your grass have severe damage, such as full-on turf detachment?
  • Do you notice the grass yellowing?

Grubs feed on the root systems and destabilize the connection between the grass and the roots. So what happens when a grub infestation gets to the worst-case level? Your turf will be able to be easily pulled up and rolled away like a rug!

What Are Nematodes?

Nematodes belong to a group of simple animals called roundworms. Many nematodes are pests of plants and animals. However, a few species invade the body of insect pests and release a pathogenic bacterium that kills the pest. These beneficial nematodes are called entomopathogenic nematodes. They are very mobile in moist environments and actually seek out their hosts by following host-generated chemical gradients. This can be a remedy that helps to control the grubs in your lawn but can be a challenging process because nematodes need ideal conditions. Regardless, some folks like to try this natural method for controlling grubs.

If You Are Fed Up With Grubs In Your Lawn, Hire A Professional Service For Insect Control

The time frame for seeing this level of damage is usually between June and October. Repairing this extreme damage caused by grubs is burdensome and expensive. These white, c-shaped pests can be highly destructive as they feed on your lawn’s roots. On top of that, because moles feed on lawn grubs, you might be hit with a double whammy as moles can tear up your lawn in the process of feasting on grubs! Save yourself the trouble by catching the grub issue before you have a full-blown grub nightmare on your hands. If you are noticing significant landscape damage, it may be worth your while to hire a professional lawn care specialist. A professional will offer a variety of solutions that can help to get grubs under control and keep your grass looking its best.

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