Keeping your office clean is essential for maintaining a healthy and productive workspace. Regular cleaning not only creates a pleasant environment for your staff and visitors but also helps reduce the risk of spreading illnesses. However, determining the frequency of office cleaning can be a challenge. Factors such as the number of people, type of business, and available resources come into play. In this article, we will explore these factors in detail to help you decide how often you should schedule professional office cleaning.

Factors to Consider for Office Cleaning

When determining the frequency of office cleaning, several factors need to be taken into account. These factors include the number of people in your business, the type of business you operate, and your available resources or budget. Let’s examine each of these factors in more detail.

Number of People

The number of people in your business, including employees, visitors, and clients, plays a significant role in determining the frequency of office cleaning. Smaller businesses with a few staff members may be able to get away with a once-a-week clean. However, even in these cases, areas such as bathrooms and kitchen or food preparation areas should be cleaned daily to maintain hygiene.

Medium-sized offices with around 20 staff members may require two or three cleans per week. Larger businesses with a substantial number of employees will likely need daily cleaning, especially in high-traffic areas such as toilets and kitchens.

Type of Business

The nature of your business also affects the frequency of office cleaning. For instance, restaurants and schools need daily cleaning for health and safety reasons. On the other hand, small offices with only a few people may not require cleaning as frequently. Industrial businesses with fewer staff or visitors may not need daily cleaning in workspaces but should still maintain cleanliness in public areas like reception areas and bathrooms.

Available Resources or Budget

The resources and budget you have for office cleaning play a crucial role in determining the frequency of cleaning. If you have dedicated cleaning staff, you can utilize them as often as needed. Janitorial or custodial staff can work on a roster basis to cover all necessary cleaning tasks. However, if you don’t have in-house cleaning staff, you may consider hiring professional cleaners based on your budget.

Whether you have your own cleaning staff or hire commercial cleaners, a regular office or building clean should cover all main staff and client areas. Let’s take a closer look at the specific areas that should be included in your regular office cleaning schedule.

Key Areas for Office Cleaning

A comprehensive office cleaning schedule should cover various areas in your workspace. These areas include bathrooms, reception or lobby, kitchens and break rooms, floors, and windows. Let’s explore each of these areas and understand the cleaning requirements for maintaining a clean and healthy office environment.


Bathrooms are one of the most critical areas that require daily cleaning to prevent the spread of illnesses and maintain hygiene. A professional cleaning service should clean toilets and sinks, sanitize surfaces and door handles, restock toilet paper and paper towels, and clear away rubbish. Additionally, the floors should be swept and mopped regularly to keep them clean and safe.

Reception or Lobby

The reception or lobby area is the first impression of your business, and it’s crucial to keep it clean and presentable. Regular cleaning of this area involves dusting and vacuuming every few days and removing any rubbish. Pay attention to the little touches, such as straightening up magazines and books, to create a positive impression on visitors.

Kitchens and Break Rooms

Proper cleaning of food preparation areas is essential to prevent the spread of germs and maintain food safety. Cleaning tasks for kitchens and break rooms may include sanitizing benchtops, sinks, taps, microwaves, and cupboard handles. In busy offices, these areas may require cleaning multiple times a day to keep up with the mess and spills.


Floor cleaning is critical for maintaining a clean and safe workspace. Carpets tend to accumulate dust, debris, and food crumbs, especially in high-traffic areas. In busy offices, vacuuming carpets on a daily basis is necessary, while less busy offices may require vacuuming every few days. Hardwood or linoleum flooring should be swept and mopped regularly to keep them free of dirt and prevent slips and falls.


While windows don’t need to be washed every week, regular cleaning is important to keep your building presentable and extend the longevity of the windows and joinery. It’s advisable to schedule window cleaning at least once or twice a year, depending on the dust and pollen levels in your environment. However, it’s best to avoid window cleaning during bad weather conditions to ensure safety.

Office Cleaning Frequencies

Now that we have discussed the key areas for office cleaning, let’s delve into the recommended frequencies for different types of cleaning.

Daily Commercial Cleaning

Certain businesses require daily cleaning due to the nature of their operations or the number of people present. Daycare facilities, schools, and educational centers, where cleanliness is essential for children’s health, should be cleaned daily. Similarly, restaurants, bars, and food-service businesses should prioritize daily cleaning to maintain food safety standards. Medical facilities and offices also fall into the category of businesses that require daily cleaning to ensure a sterile and safe environment.

Weekly Commercial Cleaning

For businesses with a smaller number of staff and fewer clients visiting their facilities, weekly commercial cleaning may suffice. Weekly visits from professional cleaners can provide a thorough cleaning that keeps the space clean and presentable. These visits typically involve a deep clean that covers all necessary areas and tasks.

Deep Commercial Cleaning

In addition to regular cleaning schedules, certain circumstances require additional attention and specialized cleaning tasks. Deep commercial cleaning may be necessary annually or seasonally, depending on the specific needs of your business. For instance, retail stores may opt for a deep clean at the start of each season to keep their space clean and attractive for customers. Deep cleaning tasks may include floor stripping and waxing, cleaning light fixtures, and other detailed cleaning tasks.

Determining the frequency of professional office cleaning depends on several factors, including the number of people in your business, the type of business you operate, and your available resources or budget. Smaller businesses with fewer staff members may require weekly cleaning, while larger businesses with more employees may need daily cleaning. Additionally, factors such as shared office spaces, customer traffic volume, and specific building features can influence the cleaning frequency.

To maintain a clean and healthy office environment, it’s important to focus on key areas such as bathrooms, reception or lobby areas, kitchens and break rooms, floors, and windows. Regular cleaning schedules should include tasks like sanitizing surfaces, restocking supplies, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping.

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