If so we would like to give you a few tips for getting your facility in great condition. You will want your property to look its best when prospective buyers walk through. First impressions are everything. Putting your existing commercial building up for sale or lease takes more that hiring the real estate broker and getting all the paperwork in order. So if your business is growing, chances are the need for more space is, too. Moving to a new facility, can create opportunities for even greater success. but do not forget your existing property.

Start With the Exterior

Potential buyers form their first impression of a facility from its curb appeal. Yet often the outdoor landscaping is overlooked, or underdone, in the preparation for the sales process. An attractive and well-maintained landscape can add as much as 10 percent to the value of your home. Consider pressure-washing your building to revitalize its appearance. Clean up the landscape, trim bushes, pull weeds, and repair any noticeable damage to sidewalks, roofs and other surfaces.


Painting is one of the best things you can do to sell your property. Scuff marks, chipped paint, cracks and outdated colors can turn off discerning prospects. A new coat of paint makes your facility look fresh.. On average, every dollar you spend on paint shows a $5.00 return on your sale. Even if you’re unable to spruce up the entire facility, consider a fresh coat of paint in entryways, waiting rooms and other highly visible areas. If there’s wallpaper look at removing it and painting instead.


Buyers need to picture themselves working in your facility, and they can’t do that if your stuff is crammed into every corner. Even if your facility is clean your personal clutter can be a potential turnoff to buyers. Engage your employees in the process by having them clean their desks and remove any unnecessary items. A few personal items are fine. For areas with work stations, look for clean sight lines. Remove clutter from hallways and try to eliminate items that extend above the cubicle partitions .


Deep cleaning is one aspect of the move that needs to be considered, but is often the last thing anybody wants to think about because of the time and energy required. In order to save yourself the hassle, it’s worth enlisting the help of professionals to take care of this task for you, while you spend your energy on the other tasks of your move, like packing boxes. Even consider a specialty service to provide general handyman repairs such as replacement of stained ceiling tiles, water damage cleanup , replacement of washers to the dripping faucet in the rest rooms, etc.


Staging is a term often used in residential real estate. It is used to describe how a seller can update their home so it appears in the best possible light for potential buyers. Commercial property owners seldom think about “staging” their commercial property, but decades of experience has shown that a well-staged property sells faster and for more money than properties where no additional care has been taken before potential buyers start touring the property. Investing some time to stage a property before it reaches the market can pay back in a quicker sale and a higher price. Rearrange office furniture to create a good flow, remove that dusty floral arrangement and replace it with fresh greenery, straighten pictures, replace that outdated light fixture and remove that mismatched chair in the lobby.

It is often more cost-effective to hire a professional to do much of the “dirty work” when it comes to putting your facility’s best face forward. Give us a call we can provide your business with the help you need to get it ready for market and perform many of the tasks noted above. We can provide a free assessment.