Trying to stay within budget can be a real challenge. As a property manager you need to maintain occupancy rates and promotion to attract new tenants. A site’s landscape is a prospective client’s first impression of the property. We will try to outline some of the many opportunities to make maximum use of your budget to maintain your cost of landscape management.

Turf Renovations

Healthy turf utilizes less water, fertilizers and pesticides and keeps a pleasing appearance. Turf renovations are primarily aeration, topdressing and seeding. If those procedures are kept up to date you will save money and protect your budget plus maintain a beautiful appearance of your property.

Irrigation Audits

Truly knowledgeable landscape professionals know the correct nozzle pattern and distance spray nozzles that they need for your area. Using the incorrect pattern and throwing distance for just one spray head can easily waste water and money. Replacing and adjusting irrigation components can alleviate the inefficient use of water. With rising water costs, the savings from reduced usage are realized immediately.


The biggest benefit from mulching comes from the increased curb appeal of a beautifully mulched site. Mulched landscapes reduce plant replacement cost and promote water savings.
To lower your mulch Installation costs: combine related projects, minimize options/extras and be flexible about project scheduling. Even consider only mulching the fronts of buildings and in common areas.


Most businesses rely on advertising along streets and highways to help identify where they are located to attract customers. They are a key to your marketing process. Signs can be very costly to replace. Consider renovating existing signage with mulch and plants and ornamental boulders.


Large plants are costly to keep pruned and also age the look of your property. Replacing with smaller lower maintenance varieties takes years off the apparent age of your property and keeps maintenance costs in check. Use seasonal color and containers to create curb appeal. Advertising is very expensive so if the cost of this seasonal change can cause just one client to take a second look at your property it is worth the cost.

Ongoing Maintenance

Be sure and replace dead plants, address drainage issues and add new play chips to play areas. It is always less expensive if maintenance is performed on an ongoing basis. In addition when you handle these issues in a timely manner your site will look more appealing and well cared for.

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