At First Green Commercial Cleaning & Landscaping, we care about our clients and the commercial properties we take care of. So, if you see one of our crew members hanging around your property while it’s raining, they’re just fulfilling another one of their duties. Assessing the grounds when it is raining or shortly after is the best way to find any drainage issues. We hope that we don’t see any but if your property is damp, soggy or mildewed, there are some simple solutions to solve your drainage issues. The following are a few ways you can tell if you might need help with your drainage…

How Can I Tell if My Property Has Drainage Issues?

If your property is draining as it should, you won’t notice any signs that might alarm you.
  • There aren’t any big puddles forming and if you do have puddling, it evaporates soon after the rain is gone.
  • Downspouts should be positioned to direct water away from any existing structures.
  • There is not a clear line of muddy silt on the side of buildings.
  • Your asphalt is not buckled.
  • If you have a basement, it is not damp and there is not a mildew odor present.

A property that has proper drainage, will lead any excess rainwater off the grounds and through public sewers or towards natural outlets like creeks and rivers. All of your parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and basements should be free of water. The majority of our customers’ structures sit on a slab foundation, so a basement is not the way that they pinpoint drainage issues in most cases. Instead, it will take settling over time to determine if there are problems with drainage on your property and then, it can be quite a big problem.

Warning Signs To Look For

If there are any drainage issues on your property, a drainage contractor will be able to spot them immediately.

Here are a few warning signs that indicate there might be an issue:

  • After you mow, there are wet or muddy tracks even when it hasn’t rained in a few days.
  • There are permanent wet spots on your concrete or asphalt. Water comes up through cracks in pavement.
  • You are dealing with mold and mildew issues. The odor of mildew is a clear sign that there is a drainage issue somewhere on your property.
  • You have apparent water stains in your basement.
  • Any cracks in your foundation continue to expand over time.
  • Water doesn’t flow off of your property; this can lead to buckling in any pavement particularly in the winter when surfaces become frozen.

Why Is Good Drainage Important?

There is no doubt about it – excess water can lead to serious damage. It can create issues with your structure’s foundation, as well as cause cracks or erosion in any paved surfaces on your property including parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and retaining walls.

In addition, excessive water will cause mold and mildew to form while also creating cracks in walls both inside and out. Moisture tends to attract mosquitoes and other pests as it provides the perfect breeding conditions.

Not only will all these issues become problematic, but excess water also poses a safety issue as well. You do not want any residents, guests, or customers falling on damaged pavement or having to dodge puddles as they navigate to your doors. It just isn’t a good look.

We Have the Perfect Solution(s)! 

You have drainage issues – we have solutions. 
  • Extend your downspouts to direct water away from your structures.
  • Install French drains along the foundation of the building to capture any excess water.
  • Add a retention or detention pond to collect excess water and then release it slowly.
  • Re-grade low spots to keep water moving away from any structures on the property.
  • Implement the use of rainwater harvesting systems to capture excess water. You can reuse this water for your landscaping.
  • Add bioswales — these are a landscape element that offers a path for water to run through slowly, instead of rushing into a storm sewer or local waterway.

Trust First Green Commercial Cleaning & Landscaping to Handle Your Drainage Issues 

Our team of drainage contractors at First Commercial Cleaning & Landscaping can assess your commercial property and come up with a solution for your water management problems. Getting ahead of drainage issues will help you save money as you avoid major repair costs, dealing with insurance, and stress by making sure that your property has proper drainage for when the next downpour occurs.

We serve commercial properties in the tri-state area including offices, multi-use buildings, HOA’S, communities, schools and other institutions, and more. Contact our team today. We would love to help you stay on top of any drainage issues.

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