Fall is here! Ahhh! Cool, crisp temperatures, your favorite hoodie, a trip to the pumpkin patch, football, so many things to enjoy. But one thing you might not have considered– planting. Most people think spring is the perfect time to get plants in the ground but fall provides its own planting perks. In fact, it is an optimal time to get your plants in the ground because despite the chill in the air, the ground is still warm from the summer. The following are benefits to planting in the fall…

1. It is Still Warm Beneath the Surface

The heat of the summer leaves the soil beneath the surface warm even as the temperature drops. In fact, the soil is actually warmer now than it is in the spring. Fall soil temperatures are usually in the mid-50s which is high enough to allow roots to set up. While the tops of plants will soon go dormant, the roots are able to get a good hold to make it through winter, and when spring rolls around, your plants will look great!

2. Water for Free

Another perk of planting in the fall are the chilly, rainy days that provide free water to your new plants. Even though the sun is not beating down like it does in the middle of summer, fall planting does not mean your plants can go without. Your new plants will need adequate water until the first freeze.

3. Reduced Strain

Trying to get trees and shrubs moved in the heat of summer can not only be stressful for you but for them, too. The cool air fall is known for will allow a nice buffer so you can plan your landscape without rushing to get plants out of their pots and into the ground.

4. Down to the Roots

A plant’s health is heavily dependent on a healthy root system. By planting in early fall, your plants have plenty of time to develop a strong root system before the ground freezes. Winter offers your newly planted beauties time to develop before spring revitalizes them.

5. Great for Grass

If you weren’t able to install sod over the spring or summer, it’s not too late. In fact, fall is a great time for grass growth. Cool temps and warm soil are ideal as grass gets settled. Excessive heat won’t be stressing it, so the grass can absorb plenty of water which is what it needs to thrive.

6. Delicate but Tough Beauties

Fall is a good time to plant pansies and violets if you want a pop of bright color through winter and into spring. While they appear to be dainty, these beauts are tough enough to withstand a cold winter’s frost. The coldest months might not look the best but by spring they will start to fill out and look nice again.

7: Get Your Bulbs in the Ground

Plant your tulip, crocus, and daffodils now and by spring they will be a real sight to see. It is well worth the wait. If you only have room for one of these, go with the daffodils. They usually reappear for a few years.

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