Many facility managers ask what it takes to get healthy plants, green turf, weed free beds, and a neat appearance. Managers work within a budget and must make decisions about where to allocate resources. While a manager’s intention is not to cut corners he/she needs to know exactly what the basic landscape maintenance contract specifications are. You want your property to have curb appeal and our clients can rest assured that in addition to this our clients will understand the value of landscape management that is performed by professionals. We would like to give you a few suggestions about what is the minimum you can include in a commercial landscape maintenance contract.

Mowing Maintenance

From April through June it is usually necessary to mow once per week. Then in July and August you can drop down to once every two weeks. During the hot summer months in Kentucky grass growth slows down. Mowing services should include edging the sidewalks and curb, blowing off all clippings and debris. You should ask your landscape professional if theses extras are included in their mowing service. You need edging and cleanup to keep your property looking up to par.


In Kentucky weeds grow year round even in the winter. You beds need weeding every two week on a year round basis. Without weeding your beds will look unkempt. Weeds instantly makes a property look like it is not cared for properly.

Lawn Care

A general lawn care program should include a pre-emergent application to control grassy weeds. In Kentucky that should be applied in March. Then in April a broad leaf weed control application needs to be applied. Then in the summer broad leaf weed control needs to be applied again. In the fall at the end of August and early October broad leaf weed control is applied again. Also fall is the best time to Fertilize. In the winter weeds continue to grow so generally a fertilizer with pre-emergent weed growth goes down.


Most commercial properties need the shrubs pruned at least twice a year. Two times is the minimum and it usually happens in June and then again in September.

Tree Care

Tree pruning needs to be done for safety, tree health and for aesthetics. Annual tree pruning usually happens in January or February. One time per year is sufficient for most properties.


Fall Cleanup. Each property is different based on the type and number of trees on the grounds. Generally leaf removal starts at the end of October and continues through the end of the December. Normally three visits are necessary. Keeping leaves off the turf is important for plant health. Also leaf removal makes your property look well maintained.
Spring Cleanup. Usually in very early spring leaves need to be removed from the beds. Also cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses needs to be done.


After the spring cleanup, landscape beds are ready for mulch. Usually this is done in early spring. Generally a pr-emergent application to prevent spring weeds in beds should occur. The spring mulch gives the property a fresh look all ready for summer.

Your profession landscape maintenance crew should visit your property on a weekly basis during the peak turf growth season in spring and then bi-weekly throughout the summer. The basic landscape maintenance requirements will get you a healthy, attractive property that retains its value because turf, plants and trees are kept in good condition.

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