We typically think of pruning when thinking about plants. However, pruning isn’t just for plants. Pruning keeps your trees and shrubs healthy which leads to a healthy landscape that saves you money, time, and hassle. So, let’s take a closer look at several dormant pruning benefits.

Why Prune During The Dormant Months?

Winter is a great time to prune as your trees and shrubs lie in dormant space. When pruning during this time, we can shape and thin out without doing as much damage as we would by pruning during their prime growing months.

Dormant Pruning Deters Disease

The fresh cuts made when pruning during the warm spring and summer months attract insects and can spread disease. Any fresh pruning cuts we make now, during dormancy, will heal faster. That leads to less time for them to attract insects. This time of year, there are also fewer insects around. This helps your trees stay disease free and healthy and it means you won’t have to spend money to treat or replace them.

No Leaves Means Easier Work

During the warmer months, trees and shrubs are full of leaves. This a good thing — except if you’re trying to prune. So, pruning when they’re dormant means that those leaves are out of the way. It is easier for crews to peer into the branch structure and see their way around. This makes for quick work and less time spent on your property.

Snipping For Safety

One of the main reasons to prune is to snip out any diseased or broken branches so they don’t fall to the ground later. This could cause harm to people on your grounds, cars, or property. It is also helpful to get rid of the vulnerable branches that could snap under the weight of winter ice and snow. Pruning now reduces your liability. It’s important not to wait until it’s too late.

Preventing Other Hazards

Overgrown trees and shrubs can have a gangly appearance as well as pose lots of other hazards on your property. Wayward branches can bump into pedestrians, block your signage, and block your lighting. Prune them now, and they won’t be a safety concern.

Prune Now For Health Later

Pruning is a great way to be proactive and ensure the long-term health of your tree or shrub. Pruning as it grows helps to direct that growth in a healthy way, as well as controlling its size. If you start pruning when a tree is young, you can help it become a sturdy, healthy structure and form. As it ages, it will need less corrective pruning. This equals less cost later.

Snipping For Strength

Pruning seems like weakening your tree or shrub with those sharp cuts. However, dormant pruning benefits your plants and makes them stronger. It is good to have strong trees and shrubs. You will not have trouble from storms, high wind, ice, or snow when your trees are strong.

Prune Now, Save Money Later

Dormant pruning is a cost now. However, it’s quite a bit cheaper than replacing dead trees and shrubs in the spring.

Does Pruning Leave You Puzzled?

We’re here to help you. Our experts know all about dormant pruning benefits and how it can boost the health and appearance of your property’s trees and shrubs.

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