When you’re working in a medical environment, cleaning up is a serious job. There is a lot more to it than just tidying up and emptying trash cans. The medical office cleaning services you engage in are just as important as your doctors and nurses. Medical offices are high traffic areas. More germs are there than in other businesses. Not only is cleaning and sanitation in a medical office necessary but cleanliness also goes a long way in sending the right impression to your patients. Consider these points before you make any decisions in contracting with a cleaning service for your medical facility.

Cleaning Schedule

Set up a detailed plan for daily cleaning and more thorough cleaning on a set schedule in your office. It is very important to set the right cleaning schedule for the most effective cleaning. Medium traffic may need a bit more attention; twice a year or every other month. However, carpeted offices with heavy traffic may need deep cleaning as frequently as once a month. Consider your type of business, the frequency of client visits, your budget, and general traffic volume. It is very wise to have a cleaning service take on the task of a medical office cleaning just to maintain a standard of cleanliness.

Tools for Cleaning and Sanitation

Keeping patients happy and healthy starts the moment they walk through your door. It continues while they sit in the waiting room, and all the way through their time together in the exam room. Making sure every step of their path is free of preventable infection is a crucial element of a healthy practice. The advantage of using a professional commercial cleaning service is that they will have the proper tools and products to clean and sanitize your office.

Some commonly used tools are…

  • Disposable gloves
  • Bin liners
  • Mops and several clean mop heads
  • Commercial grade cleaners
  • High-powered vacuum and changeable filters
  • EPA recommended disinfectants

Trash Removal

Understanding what medical waste is and how to properly dispose of it will not only help keep workers and the public safe, it will also help you be in compliance with government and industry standards. Medical office trash can often include hazardous waste. Use disinfectant in the trash can itself and replace the liner. Never push trash down into a trash bag there may be dangerous materials inside. A professional cleaning service will best handle this service.

Waiting Room

Your waiting area is the first impression of your patients. You want to make sure that the areas are well cleaned and sanitized and welcoming for your customers. The waiting room of your office can be a breeding ground for germs. As sick patients wait to see the doctor they can serve as an outlet to transfer germs. You want to make sure that the areas are well cleaned daily. The flooring can be the biggest part of your cleaning schedule. No matter the type of floor you want to make sure it is cleaned well and thoroughly. You need to make sure all hard surfaces light switches and door handles are sanitized regularly. Mke sue any glasswork and stainless steel are shiny clean. Have a regular and professional commercial cleaning service for your medical facility will ensure your patients are safe, happy, and comfortable when they walk into your office.

Employee Breakroom

It is important to have this area cleaned regularly. This is your employee’s space. You want to make sure they also are happy and healthy. The floor and counters and table and chairs should be the big focus in this room. However, if the breakroom also includes a kitchen you want to pay attention to appliances and the sink. Regular daily cleaning should take place.


This is a space usually for staff and patients alike and should be the top priority in daily cleaning. The washroom should be highly sanitized there are several highly touched areas like the taps, door handles, light switches, and commode taht should be included. Everyone is happy to see a clean toilet and washroom.

Exam Rooms

Medical exam rooms get a lot of use and are a hotbed for germs and bacteria. No matter who the patient is, you don’t want to leave the medical facility with bigger problems than when they arrived, thanks to germs and bacteria brought in by other patients. Staff should be disinfecting between patients, including changing any paper table liners and wiping the chairs and table down. It can be effective to keep sanitary wipes on hand to do this in between professional deep cleaning by the professional cleaning service.

Frequent cleaning is the best way to disinfect a medical office. It is wise to use the services of a commercial cleaning company for daily cleaning and then a deep cleaning whenever you have decided on the deep cleaning schedule.

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