Dirty restrooms and ineffective restroom cleaning are common problems that plague Facility Managers. What sets a good cleaner apart from bad cleaners is their attention to detail. Good commercial cleaners know that looking clean and being clean is about what you cannot see. Bacteria that are invisible to the eye can transmit disease and cause odors that you’ll have a hard time covering up. Your janitorial / cleaning service should address what you see, what you do not see, and what you smell.

Where Can Dirty Restroom Cost You and Your Facility

Professional Cleaning Services that don’t get the job done send an unintended message that Management does not care. If Management does not care, your employees won’t care. Negativity impacts your facility because apathy is contagious. A few suggestion that cost you and your facility are:

  1. Dirty restrooms cause higher employee turnover
  2. Dirty restroom can even lead to lost sales
  3. Lower employee satisfaction can result from dirty restrooms
  4. If a restroom is unclean and unsanitary it can cause increases in absenteeism
  5. Restroom maintenance that falls short lowers employee productivity
  6. Ineffective restroom cleaning reduces employee engagement

So just remember a stinky, gross restroom does matter to your bottom line. Sometimes more than you think.

Public Restrooms are Breeding Grounds for Bacteria and Cross-Contamination

Cleaning for health should be a vital component of your Professional Cleaning Service. Unmaintained office restrooms are an efficient way for disease causing bacteria and viruses to spread. Touch points are areas and objects that many people touch in the course of the day like handles, light switches and more. In the restroom there are lots of touch points. For instance when your employee enters the restroom, uses the bathroom, touches the stall door and then exits without washing their hands you have a problem. The employee will touch the phone, computer and other frequently used areas throughout your facility. To reduce the spread of disease, you need to keep your restrooms as clean as possible to reduce your staff’s absenteeism,

Does your Professional Cleaning Service Understand the Science of Cleaning?

We have determined that your restrooms are likely the dirtiest places in your building. Just make sure your Professional Cleaners really understands how to clean for health. Make sure their employees are trained to understand how germs are spread and how cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection can stop germs in their tracks. Make sure your professional cleaning service has the right equipment and products and that they are trained how to use them properly.

Grade Your Restroom Cleaning Company…


  • Clean touch points like handles, dryers and knobs
  • Well stocked supplies
  • A clean fresh scent , no foul odors
  • Very clean counter tops
  • Check the corners of your floors they should be sparking clean
  • Mirror should sparkle
  • All parts in the restroom should work such as stall doors, sink fixtures, etc.
  • The sinks, toilets and urinals should be clean
  • Make sure no graffiti is on the wall or stalls


  • Trash is piling up
  • There is an unpleasant smell
  • Areas around door handles are smudgy
  • Mineral deposit and soap residues are on the sinks
  • Toilet/ urinals are dirty/mucky buildup around the hardware
  • Floor drains have dust and debris buildup
  • Check for dirty grout

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Why First Green Commercial Cleaning?

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