If you commercial lawn has disease or starts dying it could involve you using unbudgeted funds to replace it. Some advice is to add a few key commercial landscaping services into your contract to help avoid costly surprises. The following are services that cut down cut down on landscaping surprises in your company’s future…

Aerating and Overseeding

Soil aeration is the process of using mechanized or manual equipment to either puncture the soil with spikes (spike aeration) or removes approximately 1″ x 2″ cores of soil from the ground (core aeration). Aeration may be overlooked when trying to restore a lawn but is vital to bring it back to health. It improves drainage and reduces puddle formation. Now your lawns’ roots can grow nice and deep, producing a lush, healthy carpet of green. Aeration is typically followed by overseeding, as the hoes created by aeration are perfect new homes for that grass seed. Include aeration in your service contract so you do not face the unpleasant surprise of an emergency sod job to replace dead grass.

Dormant Pruning of Trees, Shrubs, and Bushes

Dormant pruning is strategic pruning (or trimming) that is done during a plant’s dormancy period – winter or early spring before the buds break. The plant is pruned aggressively, reducing its overall size by thinning out the canes, removing dead, diseased, and crossing branches. Prune them when they are dormant, and you do have to worry about paying for the consequences of them toppling.

Lime Treatment to Balance Lawn pH

Lime is a soil amendment made from ground limestone rock, which naturally contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. When lime is added to the soil, these compounds work to increase the soil’s pH, making the soil less acidic and more alkaline. If your pH is off, your grass will not get the nutrients needed. Neglecting the lime treatment will cause your lawn to struggle, unable to use that fertilizer you are paying for. Include this lime treatment in your commercial landscaping services contract.

Snow and Ice Management

Should you pay “per push,” every time a snow event requires the contractor to plow your property? Or, is a seasonal contract a better way to budget and keep your parking lots and walkways clear and safe? Good luck trying to find a good snow and ice management company once the snow falls. Hiring a per push for emergency plowing will cost you lots more than including it in your service contract and being assured that nobody slips and falls on your property. We are talking legal cost, medical cost, potential insurance rate increases, plus workers compensation if an employee slips. Add this service to your commercial landscaping service contract.

Storm-water Pond and Retention Basin Maintenance

A retention basin, sometimes called a wet pond, wet detention basin, or storm-water management pond (SWMP), is an artificial pond with vegetation around the perimeter and includes a permanent pool of water in its design. There is security in knowing you have a retention basin or storm-water pond on your property right? But without regular maintenance, it will not work. What type of maintenance is required for a retention pond or storm-water pond to function properly?

  • Mowing, trimming, and keeping vegetation under control.
  • Keeping the pond clear of trash and debris.
  • Maintaining mechanical elements in and around the pond.
  • Stabilized slopes.
  • Removing excess sediment from the basin, outflow, and inflow pipes

Add retention basin maintenance to your commercial landscaping services contract.

Water Drainage Management

There are some fairly easy commercial drainage solutions that will fix problems such as soggy, damp, or mildewed property. Consider adding water management to your commercial landscaping services so you are not hit with a pricey surprise cost when excess water causes serious damage to your commercial property. It can damage your building’s foundation, erode and crack sidewalks, driveway, and entertaining walls.

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