Fresh air, green grass and beautiful flowers have been proven to bring renewed energy, peace and serenity to workers overloaded minds. Encounters with nearby nature help alleviate mental fatigue by relaxing and restoring the mind. Within built environments parks and green spaces are settings for cognitive respite, as they encourage social interaction and de-stressing through exercise or conversation, and provide calming settings. Here we will give a few landscape elements to support peaceful states of mind to increase happiness and productivity in the workplace.

Basic Principles of Landscape Design

A term used in design is legibility which connotes the peace of mind derived from the coherence of the design. The designer organizes the plants and landscape materials, which are collectively referred to as the features. The features can be physically described by the visual qualities of line, form, color, texture, and visual weight—the elements of design. The principles are the fundamental concepts of composition—proportion, order, repetition, and unity—that serve as guidelines to arrange or organize the features to create an aesthetically pleasing or beautiful landscape.

Lines influence how visitors interpret and navigate a landscape. They tie elements together, achieving unity through interconnection or distinguishing unique elements. Symmetry in a landscape supports calmer thoughts. Symmetry is achieved through straight paths, trees aligned with sidewalks, and other landscape materials organized into rows. Curved lines such as edging create a softer, more informal look. The use of trees, grass, flowers, mulch, gravel and rocks give texture to the landscape. For some visual interest add vibrant colored flowers, hardscape elements, tables or signage which energizes the mind.

Seating Areas Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

The best way to create a welcoming atmosphere in an office park landscape is to offer people a place to sit down. The spatial configuration of an area has a huge effect on cognitive processes. Make sure seating is placed to allow for easy access, and some distance to the nearest trash receptacle. Add round tables to an outdoor space to suggest incisiveness which will be felt even when someone is on their own.

Intersperse all those ponds and plants with structures such as stone benches, gazebos, picnic tables, etc. Bonus points for placing them beneath a tree. The best part about revamping your office complex landscape with water features, trees, flowers, benches and gazebos – besides the obvious visual attractiveness – is the secure ambiance it emanates.

Landscape Lighting Enhancements

Natural light is proven to energize the mind. Too many trees will block out daylight. Sure, no commercial business can afford the liability that poor lighting conditions can cause.. Proper landscape lighting in parking lots and on paths, walkways and by entrances can prevent issues before they occur. But lighting can also illuminate a brand and extend the landscape’s aesthetics into the evening hours, maximizing its value. Areas that commercial properties are focusing to improve or renovate their lighting include signage areas, as well as fountain or courtyard lighting. Using natural lighting and artificial lighting can highlight features of your landscape design. Bring new charm and character to your Office Park with great lighting.

Don’t Forget the Upkeep

Regular mowing, trimming and repairs will keep the area in tip top shape. Once designed, regular maintenance of the designed space will keep the tenants and employees eager to make use of the outdoor space. Your tenants and employees will be boasting about the office park’s outdoor appeal. They will return to the spot that gives them moments of tranquility during their busy work day. A comprehensive and cohesive sensory experience can ignite the imagination and endow spaces with a sense of peaceful calm or vibrant energy.

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