We’re not going to lie. Dust is made of some pretty gross stuff. It mainly consists of skin cells (both from you and your beloved Fluffy), hairs, fibers, plant pollen, dust mites, dust mite feces and other environmental materials. Believe it or not – our homes are actually dustier than those of years ago. Why? Forced air. The radiant heat of grandma’s house circulated little air. But now with the comfort of today’s forced air heating and cooling systems, air is now more easily circulated throughout homes, and as a result, we have a greater accumulation of dust. There’s a right way to dust, and these pointers will make dusting less time consuming, leave you with a cleaner space, and possibly help improve your indoor air quality.

Try Microfiber Cloths

Using any old cloth to “de-dust” your home simply will not cut it. You need to have the proper materials. If you haven’t used microfiber yet give it a try, because it fights dust bunnies and grime. Microfiber is made of synthetic fabric that are electrostatically charged and smaller in diameter than a strand of silk! Microfiber is also very efficient, highly absorbent, and can pick up bacteria, pollens, and other irritants.

Remove the Trinkets

Clean left to right, this allows you to only have to go around the room once. And frankly, it’s the quickest and most efficient way to clean. Dusting is not your favorite chore I am sure but if you do decide to dust (at least once a month ), do yourself a favor and take down trinkets, papers, plants and other objects before you dust. This way you won’t miss places or waste time moving around objects.

Top to Bottom

Don’t start a room by wiping the coffee table, then clean the blinds, and seeing the dust from the blinds coat your newly clean coffee table. Start at the top of the room, such as dusting a ceiling fan, and work down to the floor to eliminate redundant work. It helps that you had removed all the objects before you start this process.

Using the Vacuum Cleaner

The secret to effective and efficient vacuuming: Do the entire length of the room in a straight row, then move over and start again at the front of the room. Vacuum high-traffic areas once a week. Vacuum in long corn rows, and back out of the room. You can do it fast, and put the cord over your shoulder. So you’re not fighting it. Use a vacuum cleaner to take care of any dust bunnies hiding in the corners and any bits of dust that flew down after cleaning. Did you know that the pro’s use vacuums to dust the tops of doors, baseboards, floors and window blinds? It’s a great idea and way to tackle any dust that fell down. When you’re done, it looks beautiful.

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