If one restaurant has a gray expanse of concrete outside and the other is decorated with lush greenery and blooming flowers, which one will they gravitate towards. It’s really that simple. People will be drawn to the more welcoming view. The same follows for consumers looking for a place to dine. Landscaping is one of the first visual impressions your patrons get so you need to make it beautiful and welcoming. The following are some ways your restaurant and landscaping can boost your traffic and sales…

Greet Guest With Greenery

The first place to think about is the entryway. Even if it is just potted plants on either side of the door give your customers a feeling of ease and make them receptive to the wonderful food to come. If you have a waiting area that is the also the perfect place to place greenery to make them feel welcome. Plants are calming and the greenery will keep them calm while waiting for their table.

Fun on the Outdoor Patio

You will need to figure out what available space you have and select your scale of furnishings accordingly. Patios are one of the most fun places to landscape for a restaurant. There are endless possibilities. We will list just a few…

  • Surround your patio with tiered flower beds
  • These staggered flower beds are built using small retaining walls, and they add visual intrigue to outdoor spaces by playing with height.
  • Hang a few hanging flower baskets or shrub baskets
  • Plant climbing vines which will create a closed in feeling
  • Install a fire pit and add a few chairs and small tables around it to make folks feel at home
  • When planing flowers beware of planing any that will draw bees. Bees are important and wonderful but not while eating at your restaurant. Get your professional landscaper to help with selection of plants.

Add a Trellis

An arbor/trellis and landscaping are almost limitless and the best designs are those which reflect and complement the existing architecture. And the best and most appealing designs tend to be those which avoid the utilitarian look and have some appealing architectural and landscape character. Whether it is over your front door or covering outdoor seating to give your guests some shade, a trellis is a focal spot. Just remember to keep the flowers and vines on the trellis out of the way and pinned back.

Grow a Garden

Growing fresh vegetables and herbs on site is becoming increasingly popular. Not only will customers delight in the novelty of the kitchen staff harvesting produce as needed with a vertical system, you can grow greens such as lettuce, spinach, or Swiss chard and even strawberries and raspberries. For microgreens—basically leafy seedlings harvested young—there are many choices including cabbage, beets, mustard, and basil. Quite a few herbs can grow in vertical-arranged containers, such as parsley, mint, sage, oregano, basil, and chives. It will also double as a great talking point for restaurant staff and diners.

Integrate Seasonal Selections

Enhance your restaurant property by choosing seasonal flowers. A great way to keep your guest looking forward to returning visits is by switching up your restaurant’s landscaping. Update as the seasons change. When springs comes, add sections of spring flowers and budding shrubs. Naturalizing bulbs such as crocus or daffodils under deciduous trees makes a dramatic statement in the spring. Combine bulbs with perennials that emerge and bloom later. Evergreen shrubs make a dramatic background for spring blooming bulbs.

Create a Soothing Environment with Water

Adding a water feature to your restaurant landscaping is easy. For many, the soft sounds of gently-flowing water immediately trigger feelings of peace and serenity. There’s a way to add water to your space that will suit any taste and most any budget, and with a little planning it will add years of enjoyment to your landscaping. There are small waterfalls or maybe a fountain on the patio or even incorporate a babbling brook that runs all around the property or one of my favorites is a koi pond. A little extra maintenance does come along with the water feature but it is well worth it.

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