Facilities Management is a diverse field that asks a lot of those who work in it. The professional, interpersonal, and even emotional demands that facility managers face every day are significant, and they can seem to come from all directions. In today’s economic unpredictably, fierce completion and host of other factors, but slashed budgets and leaner operations. Managers are likely tasked with things like supervising maintenance, lease management, space managing, and a host of different teams. The manager may be responsible for planning and managing building work and renovations. And all needs to be done within budget.

Putting Smart Cleaning to Work in Your Facility

We know Facility Managers have more responsibility and greater complexity in their work than in days past. It will not change any time soon and the challenges quite often drive innovation and the janitorial industry has been working hard to respond to the changing needs of the facilities and Facility Managers they work with. Smart cleaning is one such innovation that can help. Many building services contractors are working hard to innovate, to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency wherever possible. Smart Cleaning measures make these goals reachable.

What is Smart Cleaning?

Smart Cleaning is an approach that requires a great deal of thought customization, innovation and commitment from your janitorial services company. Considering whether smart cleaning might be just what you and your facility need? Smart cleaning comes down to identifying the essentials service in your facility , delineating those that are non-essential but important, understanding areas you can intermittently do without and finding the most effective, efficient way to get it all done. Just a few question you need to ask:

  • Are there better, more efficient ways to do things we must do?
  • What are the most important things that must be done even on a reduced budget? · Which chores are we doing and do they make sense?
  • Are there things we are doing that do not need to be done anymore?
  • Are there things we are doing that could be done for less?

For Smart cleaning to be successful it must be a collaboration between you and your commercial cleaning company. Only you know what is most important for your facility but you must communicate those thoughts with your cleaning service so they can meet your goals without compromising your facility’s maintenance.

How Smart Cleaning Works

One of the challenges facing cleaning professionals in an era of budget cuts is to find ways of reducing costs. Although you can save money in many different areas, the greatest source of lost revenue is in wasted labor hours. Smart Cleaning is a training concept being utilized with great success across the country. The concept involves a step-by-step training that eliminates backtracking and disorganization resulting in huge savings. Cleaning does not mean cutting corners; rather it requires that you train workers to clean a facility in a systematic, synchronized manner within a certain amount of time. Most Smart Cleaners can accomplish in 8 hours what a regular cleaner would accomplish in 10 hours or more. With Smart Cleaning your spec becomes need-focused rather than just a standard laundry list of cleaning tasks. Smart cleaning requires thought, planning and a solid system. The most important element of Smart Cleaning is the communication between you and your janitorial company regarding your building and what you need and then how they communicate that to the people cleaning your facility through training and management.

Putting Smart Cleaning to Work in Your Facility

Your facility’s use and traffic patterns is one of the critical elements to making Smart Cleaning work. This can help you reduce or alternate vacuuming days or floor days in areas that accumulate less soil. Likewise zone cleaning can improve overall efficiency by reducing mistakes, issues of cross contamination and more. Zone cleaning refers to the plan in which specific cleaning tools are used in specific zoned areas to set up a simple easy to follow flow through the building. A mat system can help your facility save on time and money. Putting correct matting at each of your buildings entrances points and your highest traffic areas will reduce soil, dust and debris from entering your building in the first place, reducing your need for cleaning.

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Why First Green Commercial Cleaning?

  • Customized Cleaning Plans – What sets First Green Building Services apart is our attention to detail. We understand that different businesses have different needs. For years, First Green Building Services has been providing janitorial services for educational facilities, schools, and colleges. Over the years we have provided K-12 Public School Cleaning,  K-12 Private School Cleaning, Technical School Cleaning, and College Cleaning
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  • Quality Control – First Green Building Services has a low cleaner to supervisor ratio which allows us to make sure your facility gets the attention and detailed cleaning that it deserves.

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