Snow may be white and beautiful, but we all know it can create quite the mess. No matter what, slush on the ground and wet weather conditions significantly increase the amount of moisture that is accidentally brought indoors, which inevitably affects your building’s entire cleaning routine. We also are dealing with the re-circulated stale air and cold and flu season germs trapped in a work space that is closed up tight against winter’s chill. That brings challenges all their own. We have good news a quality commercial cleaning and maintenance company can help by providing the following services.

Keeping Entryways Slip Free

Carpets and hard floors get wet and lots of mud, snow and even salt and sand from the sidewalks will find a way indoors. A regular rotation of heavy duty entry rugs and mats capture most of the slush that gets traced into your office. That means no wet floors that invite accidental slips and falls and no excess moisture trapped in carpeting that could lead to mold issues.

Dust and Mop Frequently

Dust is made up of: dander, lint, skin, insect parts, mold spores and dust mite waste. Controlling the dust pollutant in the air is key to keeping an office environment healthy in winter. Regular dusting of counter top and doors and furniture will knock the entire dust particles on the floor where they can be mopped or vacuumed up and removed from circulation.

The Windows

Windows are often neglected in the winter months, but clean windows are essential to maintaining a clean and dry office. Make sure your building’s windows are washed regularly so tht sunlight can shine thorough bright and clear. This will not only fill your office with natural light, which has many work productivity benefits, but having sunlight in the office also greatly helps to absorb excess moisture, especially on carpets.

The HVAC System

Much attention is focused today on pathogenic microorganisms that have developed resistance to antibiotic treatment, or entire types or classes of antibiotics. Your HVAC can trap and recirculate airborne pathogens, compromising indoor air quality and office health. Annual duct cleaning, replacing filters and having HVAC system checked for broken parts or inefficient operation reduces the spread of germs and bacteria.

Disinfecting Office Space

Last but not least, disinfect your office consistently and prevent the flu and other germs and pathogens from spreading. Just make sure that the disinfectant products used in your office are environmentally friendly and safe/non-toxic. Wipe down door handles, conference tables, and chairs, workstations and other shared spaces on a daily basis keeps bacteria at bay.

Hiring a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service for your property cleaning needs is a great way to keep it clean, healthy and hazard free during the winter months. Give us a call if we can help with your property cleaning needs this winter and year round.

First Green Commercial Cleaning can help you with the cleaning of your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky commercial office or industrial facility. We offer superior customer service and strive to build long term business relationships with our clients.

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Why First Green Cleaning Services?

  • Customized Cleaning Plans – What sets First Green Building Services apart is our attention to detail. We understand that different businesses have different needs. For years, First Green Building Services has been providing janitorial services for educational facilities, schools, and colleges. Over the years we have provided K-12 Public School Cleaning,  K-12 Private School Cleaning, Technical School Cleaning, and College Cleaning
  • Owned and Operated Locally – With direct owner involvement, we provide immediate response time to any situation you might incur. Even after business hours, First Green Building Services has a 24-hour customer service number to resolve any cleaning issue.
  • Quality Control – First Green Building Services has a low cleaner to supervisor ratio which allows us to make sure your facility gets the attention and detailed cleaning that it deserves.

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