One thing that many business owners and office managers do not realize is how much applying the wrong cleaning materials can negatively affect the cleanliness, health, and safety of an environment. If commercial cleaners use the right cleaning products on the right surfaces, you are going to have a safer and cleaner work environment. Hazardous cleaning material leads to an unhealthy work environment. Health risk to your employees and the team members can exist. Is your cleaning company applying cleaning supplies correctly?

Results of Ineffective Cleaning and Disinfecting

Thorough cleaning is required before high-level disinfection and sterilization because inorganic and organic materials that remain on the surfaces interfere with the effectiveness of these processes. It is essential for business owners and office managers to be aware of the negative effects of using the wrong cleaning solutions. Using the wrong type can leave smudges or streaks on desktops, glass, windows, countertops, and all surfaces around the office. The reality is you need to make sure you use the correct solutions on the correct surfaces to make sure you can eliminate bacteria, kill pathogens, and clean dust, debris, and allergens plus protect and prevent damage to the area. If the wrong solutions are used the bad stuff will linger and can cause a health risk to your team members and employees.

Using The Wrong Cleaning Materials Can Damage Your Office

Commercial cleaning services are aware that using the proper cleaning and disinfectant material on the appropriate surfaces is the best way to protect your workspace and the surfaces. For instance, using the wrong cleaning solution on a hardwood floor can deteriorate or destroy the finish. If you have marble and a cleaning agent is used that is too acidic, it can cause permanent damage. The best way to prevent this from happening is to hire an experienced commercial cleaning service.

Health Risks Associated With Improper Cleaning Materials

A number of factors should be considered before choosing a cleaning product, including ingredients, how it is stored, whether ventilation is adequate where it’s being used if it can come in contact with a worker’s skin, and whether mists or vapors are released. When a commercial cleaning professional is cleaning your area they will have been trained in all of these factors. Experienced, professional commercial cleaning companies will be able to identify the safest and most effective cleaning solutions for different areas of your business, including high traffic and public use areas as well as kitchen and bathrooms.

Commercial Cleaning Services

It is super important that you have a reliable and experienced cleaning service team that can help you keep your work environment clean and safe. Although the specific needs in commercial cleaning are unique, many of the problems come done to the same problems… a lack of time or expertise to bid, oversee, and manage all of the people necessary. You work hard to create a successful business and do not need the stress of chasing down crews and finding different vendors to handle different services. Scheduling regular, professional commercial cleaning with local experts that use the proper equipment, chemicals, and materials is the best way to make sure that you keep your work environment safe and clean.

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Why First Green Commercial Cleaning?

  • Customized Cleaning Plans – What sets First Green Building Services apart is our attention to detail. We understand that different businesses have different needs. For years, First Green Building Services has been providing janitorial services for educational facilities, schools, and colleges. Over the years we have provided K-12 Public School Cleaning,  K-12 Private School Cleaning, Technical School Cleaning, and College Cleaning
  • Owned and Operated Locally – With direct owner involvement, we provide immediate response time to any situation you might incur. Even after business hours, First Green Building Services has a 24-hour customer service number to resolve any cleaning issue.
  • Quality Control – First Green Building Services has a low cleaner to supervisor ratio which allows us to make sure your facility gets the attention and detailed cleaning that it deserves.

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