Whether you’re trudging into the office each morning or you’re still working at home, that single stack of papers you planned to get rid of later may have started turning into the leaning tower of paperwork instead of the few pieces that started it all. Clutter everywhere may not seem like a big deal at first, but it can take a significant toll on your productivity and mental well-being. Surprising? Well, being organized is more beneficial than just having a pretty workspace. it is also crucial for sanitary reasons, and sometimes even safety reasons depending on the condition of the office. Before you even begin any actual cleaning, there are some things you need to do.

No Offices Are the Same

Figure out the special areas of your office. You will have floors, desks, computers, and windows that need cleaning but you also need to make a note of any special requirements for your property. Do you have a kitchen area? How many Bathrooms do you have? How large is your reception area? Is your office set up in cubicles? do you have conference rooms?

Make a Cleaning Checklist

Once you know all the areas that need cleaning, it is wise to get organized and make a checklist. Your team can tackle office cleaning yourself, or you can bring in professionals to handle maintenance tasks. If you are planning a cleaning schedule office, try following an office cleaning checklist. The best office cleaning checklist contains all of the parts of your office. You should make sure you don’t overlook any areas when cleaning, as well as information about how often each area should be cleaned.

You Must Have The Right Tools and Products

High-quality cleaning products, cloths, brooms, mops, garbage bags and etc. will enable you to do the best job possible. Keep all the supplies onsite so they are ready to go when you need them. Choose products that have a strong reputation for being effective. If the employees in your office prefer natural products do some research to find the best ones.

Stick to The Schedule

Customizing daily, weekly and monthly office cleaning lists can prioritize cleaning tasks. No two offices are identical. Larger office populations may demand an increased frequency in some cleaning tasks versus offices with fewer employees. When hiring a cleaning service, an office manager can use cleaning lists to organize cleaning tasks and as a guide for shopping for the best prices and service options. When a strict schedule is followed you will have a consistently clean environment and, everyone in the office will benefit.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

You’ll need to decide whether outsourcing your office cleaning is worth the expense and the effort to manage another vendor. You’re constantly handling new obstacles and pressures in an effort to make everyone’s workday comfortable, safe, and productive. As an Office Manager, one of the key ways that you impact your team is by enhancing and preserving the environment in which they work. Your employees deserve to work in an environment that’s hygienic, decluttered, and free of distractions. When you hire a professional cleaning service, you can rest easy knowing that a schedule will b followed and they will be using industry-proven techniques, tools, and products to get the job done. Many commercial cleaners have tricks they like to use to help ramp up the efficiency and effectiveness of their office cleaning.

First Green Commercial Cleaning can help you with the cleaning of your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky commercial office or industrial facility. We offer superior customer service and strive to build long term business relationships with our clients.

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Why First Green Commercial Cleaning?

  • Customized Cleaning Plans – What sets First Green Building Services apart is our attention to detail. We understand that different businesses have different needs. For years, First Green Building Services has been providing janitorial services for educational facilities, schools, and colleges. Over the years we have provided K-12 Public School Cleaning,  K-12 Private School Cleaning, Technical School Cleaning, and College Cleaning
  • Owned and Operated Locally – With direct owner involvement, we provide immediate response time to any situation you might incur. Even after business hours, First Green Building Services has a 24-hour customer service number to resolve any cleaning issue.
  • Quality Control – First Green Building Services has a low cleaner to supervisor ratio which allows us to make sure your facility gets the attention and detailed cleaning that it deserves.

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