Keeping the restrooms clean is probably the most important thing a professional janitorial service can do for a business. Clean restrooms should look clean, smell clean, and be clean and sanitary at the microbial level. Clean restrooms should also be well stocked. Employees, Customers, Visitors, and Partners will form an impression about your overall business by how well your restrooms are cleaned. The following are signs that your current cleaning service isn’t doing their job which involves protecting the health of your visitors and keeping your reputation intact.

Running Out of Supplies

If supplies are frequently empty like toilet paper, soap dispensers or paper hand towels then you now that your commercial cleaning company is slacking. Is your cleaning companies job to tell you if you need double service or even a day porter to keep your restroom supplied.

Slow Reactions To Calls, Issues or Complaints

If problems aren’t being addressed within a day or the same issues happen over and over again then you have a problem with your cleaning company. The professional cleaning industry is saturated with businesses and if you aren’t getting responsive service then move on to someone who will give it to you. A lack of response is usually a symptom to larger problems within the cleaning company itself.

Trash is Overflowing

Does it seem like your trashcans are always very full or overflowing? It could be that your cleaning company aren’t giving you restrooms the level of care they require or you need them to provide more service. Either way, it’s their responsibility to bring this to your attention. They should know if the cans are overly full or overflowing.

Dirty Sinks, Mirrors, Stalls, Handles, Door Knobs, or Graffiti 

Visible dirt and grime in the sinks tells you that your cleaning company isn’t doing their job. Another sign is that the counter fixtures and countertops are dirty and wet. A lack of service can also be detected when you see that your mirrors are visibly dirty with smears, streaks, water, and worse. Same goes for dirty stalls, handles, knobs. Grafitti that isn’t addressed is also a red flag.

Unrecognizable Faces Cleaning Your Restrooms

It’s in a cleaning companies interest to have the same people clean the same places over and over again because each facility has it nuances and a dedicated employee figures these out over time. If  you seen a different person each time then the company is having problems keeping employees and this will cost you in the type of service your receive and could present some security issues.

You Don’t Know Exactly Who Is In Charge

If you don’t know who to call with a problem or a recurring problem isn’t being addressed then your cleaning company is giving the technician too much autonomy or the owner is the technician also and they are overwhelmed with work. You should know exactly who to call with a problem and problems should be addressed quickly.

Bad Odors

Bad smells are usually from toilets and urinals that are noticeably dirty with dirt and grime around them. Odors are a tell tale sign then you have a sanitary issue that needs attention.

Wet and Dirty Floors

Wet and dirty floors are disgusting and hazardous.  They give a bad impression and can leave you open to lawsuit if someone falls. You can see if your cleaning company is doing a good job for you by checking the corners of your floors?  Are they dirty?

You Feel Like Your Managing The Cleaning Company’s People Also 

Outsourcing you cleaning to a professional janitorial company should lighten your workload, not add to it. Are the cleaning staff doing inappropriate things, talking to much, sitting around, etc.?

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Why First Green Commercial Cleaning?

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  • Quality Control – First Green Building Services has a low cleaner to supervisor ratio which allows us to make sure your facility gets the attention and detailed cleaning that it deserves.

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