Your Property says a lot about who you are as an organization. Sloppy unsafe grounds send a negative message. Managing care of the wide range of maintenance tasks is like running an operation that’s unrelated to your core business. Your focus is on producing goods or giving services not rushing to the parking lot to clear snow and ice after a storm. So your question is how should you handle grounds maintenance?

Focus On Revenue Generating Activities

When you hire a contractor to do anything on your property, you are entrusting in an outside partner to appreciate your grounds like you do. Of course there is cost and you may be worried about quality. On the other hand, what are you really saving by choosing to do your own facilities ground management. And how much time are you spending that could be redirected toward revenue generating activities within your business. Landscape maintenance in house could cost less than a profession but often that is only with cutting corner and you may be risking quality and safety. Keep in mid these expenses associated with facilities ground management as you determine the real cost of doing it yourself.


Not only salary but benefits, health insurance and disability. Remember the in house maintenance employee is being paid 52 weeks out of the year and maybe adding overtime during the busy landscaping or snow removal seasons.


Remember liability insurance, training will be necessary for the in house maintenance crew. Also the manager of your grounds team will earn more so figure in those supervision cost.


You will not just be paying for people; they will need equipment. From the tractor to the riding mower to the weed whackers. Maintaining all of this equipment on a regular basis and when something breaks down. The fuel and oil for all of this equipment. Insuring and licensing this equipment. The cost of the facilities for housing it all, including upkeep and utilities. Then let’s add one more number: the cost of snow removal. We’re in the Midwest. Snow removal is something we have to do, and if you’re doing it with an in-house staff, then you have all of the costs associated with that equipment too…equipment you only need for a short time each year.


There are regulation concerning personal safety, such as requirements for equipment like safety glasses, earplugs, boots, gloves and other attire. Plus, the Insurance for operating a grounds maintenance crew.


Adding to your expenses are supplies such as mulch, fertilizer and irrigation parts. Plus, you will need space to store the supplies. When any business tries to do it all, details get overlooked. The pro of hiring a professional facility grounds management firm is that the company specializes in assuring your property looks and performs in the first-class way you want to present your business. We often talk to property owners who express relief after they hire a professional service.


We know every business has a budget. The question is, when determining whether to self-perform grounds maintenance or hire a professional, are you considering all the costs associated with expertly caring for your commercial property?

Time and Scheduling

Many commercial facilities have zero tolerance for snow and ice during winter. After you get several estimates for the cost of your maintenance outsourcing and equality important factor is time and scheduling. Will your property be safe from the liability of an accident and protecting client and employee with the in house crew? The point is you can’t spread people too thin if you expect quality and demand safety.

There are facilities that manage their own grounds maintenance and they are willing to dedicate the time, people and financial resources to get it right. Consider the pros and cons of dedication. What is your primary focus as a business? If you would like to partner with a professional grounds management firm give us a call we can help conserve your resources.

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