Irrigation is to supply our lawn with water by artificial means. Irrigation is critical for a healthy landscape. To maintain a natural beauty of your landscape, irrigation is necessary. Lots of new technology is available that can save money and water these days. Water wise practices are beneficial for not only the landscaper but for the whole community.

Weather and the Season Change the Watering Schedule

The Consortium contracts with a weather forecasting service to provide a free weather forecast and Weekly Watering Number each Thursday (April – September). The Weekly Watering Number is based on historical data, rain fall, and other data points) from the previous week, but it is used to determine how much to water lawns and landscapes during the current week. Sign up to receive the weekly watering numbers. Get to know the setting on the irrigation controller and adjust the watering schedule to best support the landscape. By customizing each zone with its irrigation regime, money and water will be saved.

Monthly System Inspections

Clean filter when needed. Check for leaks, broken or clogged heads that can lead to wasting water. Hire a certified irrigation professional to regularly care for the irrigation system.

Adjust Sprinkler Heads

If your irrigation heads are spraying onto sidewalks or walls, or if your lawn is not being watered evenly, it is time to adjust the water pattern. You will first need to determine if the sprinkler has a stationary spray head or a rotor nozzle, since the adjustment procedure is not the same for both. Having a sprinkler hit the drive way, street or statue is a waste of money and resources.

Get a Professional System Audit

Find a Certified Professional. IA-certified professionals have what it takes to do the job right. These experts understand the latest irrigation technology and techniques. They apply specialized knowledge and real-world experience to meet customer expectations. They share a commitment to sound water management and sustainable solutions. They can conduct an irrigation audit and uniformity test.

Install Smart Technology

Rain sensors temporarily shut off the irrigation system so it doesn’t run when it’s raining. These products are also referred to as rain shut-off devices or rain switches. Rain sensors can be retrofitted on installed sprinkler systems. Soil moisture-based controllers shut off the irrigation system when the ground is already wet, preventing over watering. These smart controllers use a probe to measure moisture at the root zone. The system compares this reading to the recommended moisture level for the plant, soil type and other variables that were programmed in when the controller was first installed.

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