Walkways are often overlooked as a place to improve design, but they can really boost a commercial property. Presentation and business go hand and hand. If you are receiving customers to your business, you do not want poor landscaping to greet them upon their arrival. We would like to list a few front walkway landscaping ideas to brighten up your commercial outdoor space…

Use A Natural Pathway

Consider the natural path someone would walk to get from the driveway to the front door of your business. They’re likely not going to take a sharp 90-degree turn. Walkways should follow that same natural path, with a minimum width of about four feet. It’s important to consider the shape of the walkway and also the flow of traffic. Stick with curved walkways that can create a formal impression while giving people enough time to admire the rest of your landscape.

Border Ideas for Front Walkway Landscaping

It takes a lot of planning and design to get a nice functional walkway. Maybe line either side of the path with a one-foot border of ground cover or of rocks or stones or mulch. Use ferns or other native plants that will require little maintenance.

Shed Some Light

Landscape lighting is essential to keep walkways safe and visible after dark. Use low-voltage LED lighting, because it’s cost-efficient, low-maintenance, and the bulbs last a long time. You don’t want too many lights; you want to space them out. Let the shape of the walkway dictate light fixture placement. The important thing is having pathway lights at key points, which is typically going to be at each end of the walkway and where the walkway changes direction or shape,

Use Ornamental Flowers

Then, add color along the edge with low-growing flowering varieties like verbena .As a border plant, use variegated liriope for a number of reasons. It’s low maintenance, and it’s also tolerant to being trampled. The other thing it is it’s very low-growing. A lot of times, people make the mistake of putting in a nice walkway and then planting shrubs along it that grow three feet tall, so they completely block the walkway. The whole idea of a walkway is having a nice, open, inviting flow, so accent it with a low perennial that’s highlighting it, not blocking it.

By making sure your design aligns with your customer’s needs, you can set up walkway projects for success from the start. Make your business shine with a new walkway.

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