Now is the time for the removal of leaves from your commercial property. Autumn is here and as the beautiful fall colors of autumn foliage begins to fall, it is time to begin the process of removing leaves from your property. Some wonder if there is actually a legitimate reason for all the work involved with removing leaves, or is it simply for aesthetics? Well, leaf removal goes far beyond the curb appeal of your property. Removing fallen leaves is an essential part of landscape maintenance and maintaining a healthy lawn.

Lack of Nutrients

Sunlight needs to penetrate the ground without the barrier of the fallen leaves. Excessive leaves can smother the grass and flower beds from receiving the adequate amount of water, air and nutrients. The plants and grasses need to absorb the sunlight to store energy in its roots.

Fungi, Diseases, Insects

Without proper leaf removal your lawn will also become a breeding ground for fungi, disease and insects. While a few scattered leaves on the lawn won’t do much harm, a heavy thick layer will. Leaves left in place over the winter often become compacted and cause extensive damage to your lawn which can lead to increased costs and maintenance in the Spring. You do not want brown dead patches in the grass and dead plants and bushes in the Spring.

Drainage and Irrigation

Clogged drains are a nightmare. They happen at the most inopportune times and are expensive, time-consuming, and a general headache to deal with – not to mention the smell that comes from a backed up system that can potentially be harmful to your health. Leaves and other debris need to be removed from drains and other irrigated areas to allow for proper drainage for the upcoming winter snow. And remember wet leaves are slippery and can become a hazard.


Getting a head start now will make the spring and summer months that much more beautiful. Fall is a great time to trim up the bushes and shrubs one last time before the winter snow. Clean up twigs and debris from planting beds. The grass areas need to be mowed a final time and mowed at a shorter length than normal to prevent fungus problems.

We want to keep or customers up to date on seasonal tips for your property. Continue to visit our website throughout the year to find additional information. Give us a call to schedule your commercial leaf removal and fall cleanup services before that 1st snow covers the ground.

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