As a commercial property owner or manager you are probably looking for landscaping services that can benefit the environment and your budget. After a challenging year in 2020, businesses have become more frugal. Maintaining your landscape is one way to attract customers as it adds to your curb appeal so it is an important part of your budget but that does not mean it has to consume it. In this day and age, we are more eco-aware than ever. On top of being budget-friendly, your landscape enhancements may also positively impact the environment.

Swap Out Your Annual Beds for Perennials

We know that annuals are beautiful and a favorite for many but perennials are the way to go when it comes to commercial landscape enhancements.

  • Impact on Your Budget – Perennials only have to be planted one time and they will return each year; annuals must be replaced three times a year
  • Impact on the Environment – Perennials require very little water, especially if they are drought-tolerant and native plants which is great for the environment. And less water consumption means a lower water bill which is great for your budget.

Benefits of a Rain Garden

Rain gardens are a shallow depression planted with native plants and grasses that are deep-rooted. These are designed to allow storm-water to soak into the ground at a slow pace instead of rushing into a nearby storm drain. By planting one in a close proximity to a water runoff source such as downspout, roof, or driveway and the water will soak into the garden instead of into the storm drain.

  • Impact on Your Budget – Commercial landscape enhancements that are designed to channel storm-water will help your budget by reducing the chances of flooding which can lead to extensive damage to your property. Large amounts of water may damage the foundation of your units. They can also erode and crack sidewalks, driveways, and retaining walls. Excessive water can lead to mold and mildew while also causing cracks on interior and exterior surfaces. Damp conditions have been known attract mosquitoes and rodents.
  • Impact on the Environment – The rain garden’s soil filters grease, oil, and other pollutants before releasing less contaminated water into the water table. Bioswales offer the same benefits. These landscaping elements offer a path for water to travel slowly instead of rushing straight into a waterway or storm-water system.

Plant Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants and Flowers

If you aren’t already choosing native plants– what’s holding you back? They are more durable and less likely to be infested by pests or diseases. When their roots are planted firmly in the ground, they will not require as much water as non-native plants.

  • Impact on Your Budget – Native plants take to your property almost immediately. This means that you won’t have to devote as much time to caring for them. They tend to be healthier and happier, requiring less water in comparison to non-natives.
  • Impact on the Environment – All the things in your area will be indebted to you. Native plants offer an assortment of berries, seeds, and nuts– a critter’s buffet delight. Some natives are able to provide nectar to hummingbirds and insects.

We encourage you to plant ample native seeds, from ground covers to perennials, and even trees. Regional birds are a fan of the protection that these provide allowing safe quarters for breeding. Include a variety, such as grasses, flowers, and shrubs to attract winged-friends.

Permeable Pavers

By installing permeable pavers, you can expect the rainwater to seep through at a slow pace instead of pooling on or flooding your lawn.

  • Impact on Your Budget – Permeable pavers are durable and will last longer than other hard surfaces including asphalt and concrete. Meaning less expensive out-of-pocket repairs. *Fun Fact: In many areas commercial property owners are able to apply for a credit to your property taxes if they implemented any storm-water management techniques, including permeable pavers. At First Green Commercial Cleaning & Landscaping, several of our crew members are trained in installing permeable pavers that will redirect storm-water.
  • Impact on the Environment – As pollutants build up on solid surfaces including asphalt and concrete, petroleum products, fertilizers, chemicals, and other contaminants on the surface. When it rains, the pollutants on the surface wash off and flow into the storm-water system. Permeable pavers will reduce the amount of runoff storm-water on your property.

White Gravel > Mulch

In areas like the parking lot islands that are known to absorb more heat, choose white gravel.

  • Impact on Your Budget – Mulch will need to be replaced at least twice a year, gravel is a one-time expense.
  • Impact on the Environment – White gravel will reflect light reducing the amount of heat that is absorbed. Black asphalt and darker colored mulch will attract heat and in turn making the entire area hot.

Wildflower and Meadow Gardens

Meadow gardens are a compelling commercial landscaping enhancements. Envision the queen of the prairies and the pink lacy plumes. These are sturdy, black-eyed, and cheerful. Don’t let their daintiness full you– they work hard.

  • Impact on your Budget – These are easy to maintain and require little animation. While they will require just a little irrigation. You can pretty much just plant them and them do their thing.
  • Impact on the Environment – They are a pollinators best friend. And in this day and age, the bees could use the help.

You can choose to plant a meadow garden in lieu of turf, this will reduce the need to mow and use fertilizer and/or weed control products. If your hillside is sloped, planting a meadow garden can help to minimize erosion.

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