Tenants share the outdoor space available in an apartment complex, and that calls for sensitive landscape treatments that host a variety of recreational, social, and private activities. Apartment buildings also have a prominent public face, where landscaping can contribute to the aesthetics of the street. Quality landscape development pleases residents and neighboring property owners and attracts desirable tenants. Every rental property needs to maintain a certain number of residents in order to turn a profit. One thing that boost tenant numbers and retention is constant attention to landscape detail. The following will give you a few apartment landscape design ideas…

Apartment Tree Maintenance

Trees are a great addition to your apartment landscape design. Tree risk assessments are used by an arborist to determine whether a tree or group of trees are safe. With most decisions, safety outweighs everything else. It is especially important to maintain a safe environment in high traffic areas. This means that playgrounds, walkways, parking lots, and other areas, Highly frequented areas should be pruned for deadwood. Deadwood is the usual suspect when limbs fall because the trees start to loose structural integrity. Also, thinning a tree’s canopy can be beneficial to the entire landscape health. Well pruned trees can add to your apartment landscape design.

Strategic Flower Placement

A large, sprawling apartment complex usually includes big expanses of brick or wood. Flowering shrubs break up the stark landscape and will get larger and more eye-catching as the years go on. Native plants are hardy and less susceptible to pests and diseases. They grow well and require little care. Flowers do take a good deal of upkeep and watering, so to maximize the aesthetic benefits of flowers you will need to keep maintenance in mind.  A few key points are at your entry way, by the swimming pool, and the clubhouse. Using planters for your flowers at a few key points at the entryway is a good idea.

Hardscaping for Apartment Buildings

Consider adding some attractive hardscaping. Hardscapes are the hard, permanent elements in your landscaping, such as concrete walkways, stone patios, or small ponds. Water fountains are a great addition to an apartment complex. The constant white noise will be appreciated by the tenants and the soothing sounds of water is calming. A concrete patio can be a spot for tenants to gather for barbecues or to simply gather at the end of the day for happy hour. Adding a walking path helps your tenants get out of the house for a bit of light exercise.

A professional landscaper can best provide your apartment building with the desired maintenance level on your budget and give you the right curb appeal. Well maintained landscaping will also encourage your renters to keep their own areas clean and free of clutter. The smallest tasks can make a big difference. Adding new mulch to plant beds, pruning trees and shrubs, killing weeds, removing dead plants, and maintaining hardscaping will go a long way!

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